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Midwest Makers

Spring '19

A true Maker, Griffin House has been writing original music since he picked up his first guitar for $100 in high school. An Ohio-native and now national recording artist, Griffin has pursued his passion for music and worked hard to make a career.

His ability to write and tell stories through his music is truly authentic. Inspired by those around him, Griffin’s lyrics reflect the stories people tell by how they live their lives. With a strong focus on family, friends and his own life experiences, he feels he can always find inspiration in someone.

As artisans, we too are inspired by those around us, to the point that each of our garments have their own name and story behind them. Griffin’s originality, passion and artistry embodies all that the Dakota Grizzly brand stands for.


Fall '18

The wilderness of the Midwest was tamed by explorers: Rugged men who blazed their own trail and never quit. That spirit of independence, hard work, and self-sufficiency lives on today in the families that make the Midwest their home. They are the Makers—past and present—who forged the Heartland. Their story is the Dakota Grizzly story. We are proud Midwest Makers, true to our roots, passionate about our craft, and proud to support and outfit Makers everywhere. We invite you to discover our distinctly crafted and richly detailed apparel honoring that craft.

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with makers from the midwest who encompass the Dakota Grizzly spirit. Read about our fall maker, Ryan Hanlon, below.  



Ryan Hanlon

A true Maker, Ryan Hanlon's love for cars was passed on to him from his father Jim 'Pops' Hanlon. Together in their garage workshop they continue the family tradition of restoring beauty and original factory detail to iconic American cars.

Ryan's passion as a Maker extends to film production, inspiring him to start the award-winning company, Route 3 Films. Hours of dedication and commitment go into both these pursuits, producing a final product that is the embodiment of his hard work and skilled craftsmanship.

No surprise then, that Ryan chooses a brand born of a heritage of family tradition—a brand that reflects his rugged independence and attention to detail.

We truly understand the importance of these values and, like Ryan, put the same passion and dedication into every Dakota Grizzly piece we create.

The Hanlon's story is our story.

As third generation Midwest Makers, from a 75 year history of garment making, we are proud supporters of Makers across the country.

We are Dakota Grizzly. 


If you'd like to be considered a partner with Dakota Grizzly, contact us.