Meet our Fall 2019 Maker: 4 Hands Brewing Company

Meet our Fall 2019 Maker: 4 Hands Brewing Company

In 2011 Kevin Lemp made his passion for beer a profession by opening 4 Hands Brewing Company in St. Louis, Missouri. Makers of year-round and seasonal barrel-aged beers, their dedication to perfecting a handcrafted portfolio of craft brews has made them one of the fastest growing breweries in the Midwest.

To achieve the high level of quality and consistency required for success in the craft beer world, the Makers at 4 Hands have mastered the art of attention to detail.

Whether it’s the perfect blend of hops and barley in a brew, or the fabric and fit of your favorite shirt, the best Makers create a product unique among their peers:
a product where the details make the difference.

True craftsmen, the passionate crew at 4 Hands Brewing excel at what they do—and it shows. As third generation Midwest Makers, Dakota Grizzly is proud to recognize them, and support Makers nationwide.

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  • Dave Scott

    Great work guys! Love it.

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