Meet Our 2019 Spring Midwest Maker: Griffin House

A true Maker, Griffin House has been writing original music since he picked up his first guitar for $100 in high school. An Ohio-native and now national recording artist, Griffin has pursued his passion for music and worked hard to make a career.

His ability to write and tell stories through his music is truly authentic. Inspired by those around him, Griffin’s lyrics reflect the stories people tell by how they live their lives. With a strong focus on family, friends and his own life experiences, he feels he can always find inspiration in someone.

As artisans, we too are inspired by those around us, to the point that each of our garments have their own name and story behind them. Griffin’s originality, passion and artistry embodies all that the Dakota Grizzly brand stands for.

As third generation Midwest Makers, from a 75-year history of garment making, we are proud supporters of Makers like Griffin House across the country.

We are Dakota Grizzly.

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